Driving change globally
for over 70 years

Global scale, delivered locally

With an expert international team based in 87 countries, Ricoh supports organisations all over
the world from our local offices. Using global governance and delivery models, our local IT
specialists give customers the same level of excellence, wherever they’re based.

For every project, we work closely with our customers, implementing Ricoh solutions while
delivering industry-leading service and transformative results.

As a result, we work with brands to replicate their efficiencies everywhere they operate – but our
customer relationships in each territory are local.
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Maximising the Ricoh effect

Discover what our customers have achieved by harnessing Ricoh’s Digital Workplace Solutions, Data & Analytics and Hybrid Cloud Services.

Explore our innovation Centre
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Ricoh Service Operations Centre

Our Central European service operations centre gives customers a single point of contact for the remote management, support and monitoring of their business-critical applications and infrastructure.

Ricoh’s Partners

We work in a fast-moving industry so we’re always striving for excellence. We do this by continually investing in our
people, developing our knowledge and broadening our capabilities.

Recognising that we work to the highest standards, our partners have endorsed Ricoh with best-in-class vendor
partnerships, meaning we can advise on and deliver the latest services, solutions, products and updates.

As a result, our customers get the best of Ricoh’s service as well as industry-leading systems in every one of our
IT Services solutions. So if you come to Ricoh, you really have come to the right place.

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Evergreen IT investments with Ricoh’s global network solutions

The way to make IT really work for your business is by investing in the right solutions. And the right solutions are the ones that work now while still giving you future flexibility. So build on your success with ongoing investments in innovation and service infrastructure to maintain excellence over time.

See how Ricoh’s centres for Customer Experience & Innovation and Service Operations are developing evergreen IT solutions for our customers.

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Delivering IT managed services across industry

Ricoh supports organisations right across the industry spectrum. Whatever sector you’re in, we take time to understand your challenges, identify your needs and analyse your systems. We can then tailor our solutions to deliver your business priorities.

Supporting you at every step of a digital workplace transformation, we ensure you achieve your specified goals for growth, collaboration and service excellence.

For decades, we’ve been helping organisations to embed innovation in their workplaces
with a sophisticated range of products and services. We also specialise in analysing people
and processes to reveal areas of untapped potential with the greatest value.

Our expertise in IT managed services is based on these insights and solutions, which alter
how people work and organisations operate and consistently produce outstanding results.

Our experience shows when you empower people with smart tools that streamline tasks
and improve collaboration, they’ll work more efficiently, share more effectively and use the
resulting insights for maximum advantage.

Ricoh has a global team of experts focused on streamlining inefficient processes and
helping our customers to leverage digital systems. With our portfolio of solutions for
addressing infrastructure, IT managed services, digital workplace applications, security,
governance and consultancy, Ricoh offers you unrivalled digital capability, a close working
partnership and the processes that drive innovation and growth.